Basic Needs Of Humans and Animals

  • All living things have their basic needs to stay alive.
  • They will die if their basic needs of humans and animals are:
        a) food     - to grow/ to get energy
          b) water   -to controlled body temperature
          c) air        -to breath
          d) shelter  -to protect from danger,rain and sun
             Living Things need food to grow and  to get energy      
      Example of foods:
Humans Foods                                                             Animal Food Web

Humans and Animals  needs food to:-
  • growth
  • repairing of tissues
  • energy
  • defence againts diseases
  • producing heat to keep the body warm
 *Humans and animals cannot make their own food    
   but humans and animals obtain their food from    
   plants and other animals.* Humans and animals will die without food.

Humans and Animals Need Air to :
  • Air is even more essential human and animals for survival
  • Without air, humans and animals die in just a short time.
  • Humans and animals use oxygen in air to breath.
  • Aquatic animals such as fish and crab use the dissolved air in the water breath.

Human and Animals  Need Shelter
  • Humans and animals need shelter to protect themselves from danger the sun and the rain.
  • People need houses to live in; where members of the family can enjoy, relax and have a good meal.
  • Comfortable homes and good enviroment will make pepole happy and healthy.
  • There are many types of houses such as hut, long house, flat, terrace house house and bungalow.
Different types of houses for humans :

hut                                                                              long house

flats                                                                            house


Different types of shelter for animals :





                                                                 Coral reef



Water is esential to humans and animals.

Humans and animals need water to :
  • maintain the body temprature
  • transport digested food throughtout the body
  • help in removing waste from the body
  • help in blood circulation
Humans and animals wil die if they do not get sufficient water for a long time. Humans should drink about eight glasses of water daily.
Vegetables, milk and fruits contain water.
                                                                    Humans need water

                                                                Animals need water

                              fruits                                                                                Vegetables
                                                     Vegetables and friuts that contain water